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poni colina



Poni Colina is a queer/trans/non-binary Latinx artist and energy worker. Poni was born & raised in Austin, TX and first moved to Seattle in 2006. They began their tattoo apprenticeship with their best friend & amazing tattoo mentor, Jude le Tronik, in 2021 and are very grateful and proud to have a home & family among the other magical beings at Lilith Tattoo.


A Sagittarian lover of travel, adventure, learning, spiritual exploration, and play, Poni deeply appreciates that the magic & gift of experience is just as important as outcome. They strive to authentically connect with their clients to create tattoos & experiences that each person can love and treasure for the rest of their lives. Poni understands that tattoos can be powerful medicine, and their approach to tattooing is intuitive, tender, caring, and also fun!


Poni brings a wealth of experiences from their diverse work/life background (including community service, childcare, cooking/foodservice, painting, art studio assistance, nonprofit leadership, world travel, yoga, energy work practice, alternative healing, and plant medicines). They enjoy connecting with people from all walks of life. 


Poni primarily practices fine line work in black ink and particularly enjoys botanical designs, often incorporating sacred/symbolic geometric elements as well. They love creating custom designs for clients as they develop their skills as a tattoo artist, and occasionally offer flash designs as well.

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