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Sign your Tattoo Consent Form and Covid Protocol via the link below:



Lilith Tattoo Covid Protocol


All clients getting tattooed by artists at Lilith Tattoo must comply to this protocol. All of our artists reserve the rights to cancel/ reschedule an appointment at anytime they feel that our health and yours may be at risk.

  • All clients are required to be masked within the studio. Please bring your own for your personal comfort before entering the studio..

  • If you are having the following symptoms please inform your artist: Cough, fever, shortness of breath. Your artist may choose to reschedule your appointment.

  • If you test positive with COVID-19 within the 5 day window of your appointment, please inform your artist.

  • If you been in close contact with anyone with covid symptoms or anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the 5 day window of your appointment. Please inform your artist.

  • Please eat and drink before your appointment. Please bring your own water/ beverage. We have candies for emergencies but if you need to take a while to eat in between your tattoo session, you will be asked to do so outside the premise.

  • Please maintain your hygiene before coming in (shower) for your appointment as courtesy for your artist. Please don’t come after a sweaty run, workout, etc. This minimizes the exchange of contact to fluids in the studio. If you are coming after work, please take sometime to clean up and change your clothes.

  • Please inform your artist if you are bringing a guest, we have limited lobby space which we reserve priority for clients getting tattooed.

  • service animals are not allowed in the studio unless with consent from your artist.

Thank you for your care,

we are excited to work with you,

Lilith Team

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