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kaia kuminsky


Kaia grew up in Colorado, forever fascinated by nature and drawn to the surreal. She found great love for art particularly drawing, painting, and film photography. After graduating high school she was drawn to Seattle searching for a tattoo apprenticeship so she could center art in her life.


Tattooing is such a powerful way of celebrating, decorating, and enjoying the skin we’re in and Kaia is beyond honored to be a part of it. Now she’s found her home and shop family at Lilith Tattoo. She has always loved to draw people; her interest in history, music, fiction, and mythology have been endless inspiration in her portraits. Kaia’s interest in the natural world, the supernatural, and psychedelic art show frequently in her designs. Her work is stylized by combining bold and delicate, using selective color palettes, and mixing hard and soft images. She wishes it was Halloween year round and always gets extra excited about the spooky tattoos.


Kaia's books are always open for flash designs and she schedules custom tattoos seasonally.

To keep up to date on her custom books opening and closing watch her Instagram posts!


Email: to schedule

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