silver fawkes



Silver Fawkes is a neo-traditional tattooer, with an illustrative aesthetic, and subject matter that heavily focuses on nature.


Their range of style includes painterly color, soft greyscale, etching details and minimalist line work along with a variety of texture techniques.


All designs are drawn based on sacred geometry, and are intended fit the body in a way that flows with the body’s natural curves and moves the eye in a dynamic way.


Art should be primarily beautiful, but can also be a transformative healing experience. The images that we choose to tattoo are symbols that reenforce our belief systems, and through intention we have an opportunity to rewire our operation systems and imbed new and intentional programming.


The beauty of art is that it lines up with science and speaks to deeper truths that we are all looking for in the quest to be our biggest, most beautiful selves!

Outside of tattooing, Silver is an energy worker primarily using yoga, extasis, plant medicine, tarot and astrology to tune into a higher frequency and channel magic to the material plane.

If you are interested in collaborating on a project, please look over their process to see if they are a good fit for you, and email 

with any questions regarding project requests.

see Silver's work via instagram below