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shain allen



Shain, a queer native tattoo artist began his journey with tattooing back in 2013 when he began his apprenticeship in Reno, NV at just 16 years old.

Two years later he solidified tattooing as the first and only job he as ever had, making his craft the only support system he’s ever know. His art has a very ethereal feel to it while also being somewhat spooky and often referencing mental health as a source of inspiration.

The flow of a piece is always first in mind for Shain’s work, that and how to create something that feels as though it’s living on your body forever apposed to you living with it, forever.


For booking, and inquiries with Shain - You may view more of him, and his work via his Instagram @shain_tattoos where he re-opens his books every few months .

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