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sam park



Samantha Park (she/her) is a visual artist with a background in photography with features in Fader Magazine. Her work now manifests in the form of custom tattooing. Sam thrives in the collaborative process, and has a strong eye for the little details that bring her clients’ ideas to life. She’s forever inspired by nature’s organic textures and patterns, and creating work that not only appeals to the eye, but moves, emotionally. Fine line and delicate is Sam’s forte, but versatility is her jam!

Sam was born in Seoul, Korea before moving to Houston, TX. At 17, she took on New York and later helped build the shop, All Wolves No Sheep in Brooklyn. That was home until her relocation to Seattle. She’s excited to start a new chapter with Lilith and can’t wait to see what new projects transpire.

To book with Sam, email her directly at

You can check out her works and upcoming projects on

IG: @Popspark

or her website:

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