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elizabeth maria ortega


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Elizabeth Maria Ortega is printmaker. She uses the medium of linoleum carving and printing block prints onto various surfaces. Each of her pieces are hand drawn, hand carved and hand printed. She uses salvaged wood and antique and recycled frames to display her prints.


Her creativity is cultivated with a deep admiration of the interbeing of all things, that everything in this life is interconnected, that we part of a very vast universe and spiritual world.


Each print is an ode to and celebration of the wisdom and history of the land, plants, creatures, people and spirit. Her work serves as a reminder to listen. To listen and be mindful of where you come from, who your ancestors are, what’s around you, who’s around you, what stories you are a part of and to look beyond yourself to see your place in a greater cosmic order.


She believes that the act and practice of creating/of making art, opens our minds, hearts and souls to deeper connection and ultimately healing and resilience. Creating is resilience in action. Art is a tool to tell the truth of the world and to imagine what is possible outside of oppressive and violent systems intent on harming and killing women, black and brown bodies, queer folks, trans folks, poor folks, undocumented folks, disabled folks, native folks and all folks in the  intersections of these identities.


soy capaz.

soy fuerte.

soy invencible.

soy mujer.

see Elizabeth's work via instagram below

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